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Hiker Destinations from August's Hike-a-Thon

Posted by Loren D at Aug 29, 2013 11:45 AM |
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Check out a slideshow of Hike-a-Thoners in action this August, and see where they've been hiking. You might just find your Labor Day hike in the list.

3,565. At last count, that's how many miles Hike-a-Thoners have reported hiking in August, and the reports are still coming in strong.

You may have seen some of their efforts show up in in Trip Reports over the last month, including a few trip reports on "under-reported trails" as part of Hike-a-Thon BINGO.

Where have they hiked? Everywhere in Washington and beyond. Take a look the slideshow of a handful of Hike-a-Thoners in action, and check out the list of trails they've reporting hiking so far.

Where they hiked

Find a list of almost all the places where Hike-a-Thoners reported hiking this month. Want to check one of the trails out? You can probably find it in our Hiking Guide.

Alki Beach Trail
Annette lake
Artist Point
Artist Ridge/Table Mountain
Bald Eagle Mountain/ Pilot Ridge Loop
Barclay Lake

Barclay/Eagle lake

Bearhead Mt
Beckler Peak
Big Beaver
Big Gulch
Big Heart Lake
Bird Creek Meadows Loop
Blanca Lake
Boulder River
Bridle Trails State Park- Raven and Trillium trails
Burke Gilman Trail
Burroughs Mountain & Sunrise Rim
Burroughs Mt, Return shadow lake loop
Cady Ridge Loop
Camp Muir
Carbon River Entrance to Carbon Glacier via Wonderland Trail and Back
Cascade Pass
Centennial Trail
Chain Lakes Loop
China Caves Trail
Colchuck Lake
Cold Creek
Comet Falls to Van Trump Park Mt. Rainier
Cougar Mnt - Red town Trail
Cougar Mnt to AA Peak
Cougar Mountain - Bear Ridge Trail
Cowichan Valley Trail (Kinsol Trestle)
Cross Kirkland Corridor
Crystal Lakes Trail
Crystal Lakes trail to Sheep Lake
Cutthroat Pass
Denny Creek
Desolation Peak
Dirty Harry's Balcony
Discovery Park Loop trail, Wolf Tree Nature Tail, North Beach Trail, South Beach Trail
Discovery Park Loop Trail/North Beach Spur
Dock Butte
Down from Colchuk
Dungeness Spit
Eagle Peak
East Bank Ross Lake (partial)
Easy Pass
Easy Pass/Maple Loop
Ebey Landing Prarie and Bluff trails
Ebey's Landing
Eightmile Lake
Enchanted Valley to Pony Bridge
Enchantment and Snow Lakes
Enchantment Lakes
Enchantments in a Day plus Little Annapurna
Eunice Lake/Tolmie Peak
Fairie Falls, Yellowstone National Park
Farm Trail, Canby, OR
Foothills Trail
Franklin Falls
Fremont Mountain & Sunrise Rim Trails
Galbraith Mt.
Gem Lake
Geyser Valley
Gibbs Lake
Glacier Basin to 3rd Burroughs
Goat Rocks: Goat Lake, Old Snowy Cispus Pass, Curtis Gilbert
Gold Creek Trail
Gothic Basin
Grand Park, Mount Rainier NP
Grand Ridge Park Trail
Granite Mountain
Green Lakes Basin, Oregon
Greenbank Farm and Island County Forest Loop
Greenwater Lakes
Greenwater Lakes Trail to Echo lake
Hall of Mosses
Hannegan Pass
Hannegan Pass-Whatcom Pass-Copper Ridge
Heather - Maple Pass Loop
Heather Lake
Hell's Roaring Creek, Sawtooth National Forest
Hester Lake
Hidden Falls and return to Jenny Lake Trailhead
Hidden Lake Peak
High Bridge trail
Hobuck Beach
Hoypus Hill Trails
Icicle Ridge
Interurban Trail, Milton, Wa
Iron Goat Trail
Island Lake
Kachess Beacon, Silver Creek to French Cabin Basin
Kendal Katwalk, Ridge Lake
Kendall Katwalk
Klipsun & Northridge Park trails
Lake Ann - Mt Baker
Lake Dorothy - Lake Bear
Lake Ingalls
Lake Kaleetan
Lake Melakwa
Lake Padden trails
Lake Sammamish Trail
Lake Stuart
Langus Riverfront Park/Spencer Island
Laughingwater Creek to Three Lakes Basin
Lawson Bluff Trail
Lily Lake
Little Bandera Mountain
Little Si
Lizard Lake via English Camp Trail
Longmire to Paradise + Mazama Ridge Loop
Longmire to Paradise and back
Loowit Trail
Mailbox peak
Manastash Ridge
Maple Pass/Lake Anne Loop
Mazama Ridge, Paradise Trails
McClellan Butte
McGregor Mountain
Melakwa Lake
Melakwa Lake, Lower Tuscohatchie Lake, Pratt Lake, Olallie Lake
Mercer Slough Bellefields and Heritage Trail
Middlefork to Dingleford Creek Falls
Millies Trail - North Kitsap Trails Association
Monte Cristo and Ice Caves
Monte Cristo-- Silver Lake
Mount Beljica
Mount Defiance
Mount Dickerman
Mount Gardner
Mount Si
Mount Teneriffe
Mount Spokane
Mount Spokane + Mount Kit Carson
Mt. Rainier NP Carbon entrance to Carbon Glacier (via wonderland) and back again
Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone National Park
Naches Peak Loop/Dewey Lake
Naches Peak/Tipsoo Lake Loop
Necklace Valley, Tank Lakes
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
North Creek Trail
Northern Loop -- Mowich Lake to Berkeley Park and back again
Obsidian Trail, Newberry Volcanic Monument
Obsidian Trail, OR
Otter and Big Creek Falls
Oyster Dome via Max's Shortcut
Pacific Crest Trail (Section J)
Pacific Crest Trail, Fuji Mtn Trail, Mt Ray Trail, Charlton Lake trail
Padilla Bay Shore Trail and Upland Trails
Paradise Moraine, Altavista, Golden Gate
Park Butte
Park Butte & Scott Paul Trails
Pass Lake Loop and Cornet Bay Trail
PCT, Rainy Pass to Snowy Lakes
PCT, Sisters OR to Cascade Locks, OR
PCT to Kendall Katwalk+
PCT Twin Lakes Loop Round trip on PCT from Snoqualmie Pass to Ridge Lake
PCT, Seiad Valley OR to Shelter Cove Resort
PCT, Sheter Cove OR to Sisters OR
Pete Lake
PNT and British Army Trail
PNT to Alger Alp
Poo Poo Point
Pratt Lake Basin
Preston / Snoqualmie
Ptarmigan Ridge
Purple Creek Trail
Quartz Creek, Bald Eagle Mountain
Quartz Creek/Curry Gap/Bald Eagle Mountain
Rainbow and Island Lakes
Rainy Pass to Cutthroat trailhead
Rampart Ridge
Rattlesnake Ledge
Rattlesnake Ledge + extra towards E Peak
Rattlesnake Ledge to East Ledge (and past a bit)
Rattlesnake Mnt - Stan's Overlook
Rattlesnake mnt to Grand Prospect
Redmond Watershed Preserve
Redtown/Wildside/Coal Creek (Cougar Mountain)
Riley Camp
Rockefeller National Refuge hike
Sammamish River Trail
Sauk Mountain
Scout Lake
Shallow Bay Trail
Shi Shi beach to Point of Arches
Silver Falls
Skyline Divide
Skyline, Golden Gate, Alta Vista
Skyscraper Pass
Smith Island/Langus Waterfront
snow lake
Snowgrass Flats
Soaring Eagle Pipeline Trail, Terror Trail, Bone Trail and Lightning Trail
South Tiger Mt. Loop
Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor Island Park
Spider Meadow and Phelps Basin
Spider Meadows/Leroy Creek/Mt Maude
Spider Meadows/Phelps Basin/Dumbbell Mountain
Spray Park
Spray Park/Mist Park/Knapsack Pass/Eunice Lake/Tolmie Peak
Spruce Railroad Trail
Squamish 50 - 23 KM trial race
Squire Creek Pass one way
Squires Lake Loop and PNT
Stuart Lake
Summit Lake
Sunrise Rim Trail
Sunrise to Lake Eleanor (and back)
Surprise and Glacier Lakes
Surprise Creek
Table Mountain
Table Mt. & Artist Ridge
Table Mt. and Artist Ridge and Wild Goose Trail
Talapus and Ollalie
Terrace Creek Trail
Tiffany Mountain
Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mt / West Tiger # 1
Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak
Trap Lake via PCT
Tunnel Creek Alpha to Omega
Tunnel Creek, PCT to Trap Lake
Twin Falls
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes & Winchester
Upper Big Quilcene Trail
Upper Palisades Lake (and Hidden lake) Mt. Rainier
Van Trump Park
Wallace Falls
Wallace Falls (Middle Falls)
Watson Lakes
Weden Creek
West Beach Sand Dunes Trail, Deception Pass
West Tiger Mountain #3
Wolf Creek and Hurricane Hill
Wolf Creek Trail