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Hike-a-Thon 2019: Hikers Cover 15,000 Miles, Give Back in a Big Way

Posted by Patrick Myers at Sep 17, 2019 04:45 PM |
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From amazing moms to guidebook author Craig Romano to a crew from GeekWire, a record number of Hike-a-Thoners hiked over 15,000 miles in August and raised more than $155,000 for trails.

WTA is thrilled to announce that Hike-a-Thon, our signature fundraising event, saw a record number of participating hikers in 2019. Together, 526 hikers traveled over 15,000 miles of trails to raise more than $155,000 for WTA in the month of August! 

Check out these amazing totals from Hike-a-Thon 2019:

  • Hike-a-Thoners Registered: 526
  • Teams Registered: 66
  • Miles Hiked: 15,037 miles
  • Elevation Gained: 2,576,058 feet
  • Dollars Raised for Trails: $156,365.76

Hike-a-Thon drew participants of every age from all over the state. We're inspired by so many of the stories and photos this amazing community shared. Below are just a few of our favorites, many of them from first-time participants.

Want to see who came out on top of our prize-winning categories? Take a look at this year's Hike-a-Thon Hall of Fame slideshow!

team geeks on trails

Team Geeks on Trails, brought together by the technology news site GeekWire and health benefits provider ALLtech, raised the most overall funds for trails. Geeks on Trails was there with us right from the beginning, joining WTA staff and other Hike-a-Thoners at the event kickoff hike at Discovery Park. Their fundraising tenacity is reflected in the total number of funds they raised for Washington's trails: over $10,000! 

Geeks on Trails team join the Hike-a-Thon kickoff hike at Discovery Park. Photo by Grady Olson.

"It was awesome bringing the GeekWire and ALLtech communities together during the month of August to support the Washington Trails Association's Hike-a-Thon. In a time where everything seems to move so fast — in fact, too fast — nothing refreshes the soul like a good hike along the amazing trails of Washington state. It's always important to be reminded of the natural beauty that surrounds us, and we applaud and support the efforts of the Washington Trails Association to make sure that more people are able to enjoy this special place. We loved being a part of Hike-a-Thon this year. My only regret: I just couldn't get out on the trails as much as I would have liked!"

- John Cook, GeekWire Co-Founder

Geeks on Trails Special Mention: Levi Leiken

If any one member of Geeks on Trails deserves special mention it's 5-year old Levi Leiken, who had more contributions to his fundraising page than anyone else on the team. Levi stole the show with over $600 raised and even gave up birthday gifts in lieu of donations. Thank you and very well done, Levi!

Levi (1).jpg
Five-year old Levi sporting this year's Hike-a-Thon t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Ken Myer.

team happy feet

"Our Happy Feet team are moms that all like hiking, and enjoy the beauty of our northwest wildness! Thanks to WTA for maintaining the trail, so we Happy Feeters can hike happily forever!"

- Yali Bai, team captain

Team Happy Feet on Vesper Peak. Photo courtesy of Yali Bai.

In their first year as a Hike-a-Thon team, Happy Feet quickly surpassed their initial fundraising goal. They then doubled their goal – and went on to raise well beyond their new goal. The enthusiasm they showed was obvious from the start. We're impressed they found so much time in their busy schedules to hike in support of Washington's trails. Thank you!

Mount Defiance.JPG MountDefiance (1).JPG
Team Happy Feet on Mt. Defiance. Photos courtesy of Yali Bai.

"I have been living in Seattle for over 20 years, but until I started hiking 2 years ago, I hadn’t realized how astounding NW nature is and how lucky we are to live in this area. Hiking makes me strong, physically and mentally. Hiking allows me to access and appreciate nature's wonders. Hiking helps me gain friendship. All these wonderful things happen because we have a safe trail system maintained by WTA! Happy Feet team members are grateful for everything WTA does for our community!"

-Qiong Chen, Happy Feet team member

kipp robertson

"I suppose my reason for participating in Hike-a-Thon is somewhat selfish because I want to make sure I'll still be able to go out on WTA work parties long into the future."

- Kipp Robertson, Hike-a-Thoner and WTA Trail Crew Volunteer

20190824_152942 (1).jpg
A photo from Kipp's through-hike of the Enchantments, a hike he completed to cap off 2019's Hike-a-Thon. Photo courtesy of Kipp Robertson.

A dedicated trail work volunteer, Kipp Robertson spent approximately 72 hours on WTA work parties in the months prior to Hike-a-Thon. Come August, Kipp took his dedication to trails a step further by far surpassing his personal fundraising goal. We're endlessly inspired by Kipp and other trail champions like him that support WTA's mission in a number of different ways.


Hike-a-Thon wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. A big thank you to the following partners that helped make Hike-a-Thon a reality in 2019!

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