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Teanaway Trails Planning Committee Needs to Hear From Hikers

Posted by Andrea Imler at Aug 09, 2017 02:55 PM |

The Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee is seeking public input about the future of recreation in the Teanaway. Take the official survey to shape the future of hiking trails in the Teanaway.

Recreation planning for the Teanaway Community Forest kicked off last fall and is going strong. Right now the Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee, which is responsible for developing a recreation plan in partnership with the departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), are seeking public input about the future of recreation in the state forest.

Hikers and other recreationists can take a survey about what types of recreation opportunities should be created.

Teanaway Community Forest by Rachel WendlingTake the survey to shape the future of trails through the Teanaway Community Forest. Photo by Rachel Wendling.

Another recent WTA survey already helped the committee understand what hopes hikers have for the future of trails. This survey is the official opportunity to shape the future of trails in the Teanaway.

Forest the first of its Kind

The 50,000-acre forest was purchased by the state in 2013 as the state’s first community forest. Previously owned by a timber company, the area was already a popular place for recreation with three campgrounds, river access spots and a medley of trails that have organically developed over time. Many hikers regularly enjoy the Teanaway Community Forest. With the potential for many new recreationists coming to the forest, now is the time to determine its future.

The recreation planning process currently underway will determine what recreation opportunities—types of trails, camping facilities, river access and more—will be created now and into the future. Have ideas or wishes about what trails and other recreation opportunities you’d like to see in the Teanaway—now is your chance to speak up!

How Future Trails Will be Decided

As WTA’s Advocacy Director, I am a member of the Advisory Committee and represent the interests of hikers in the planning process. To best serve the hiking community, WTA conducted our own survey of hikers earlier this summer. We shared this information with the full Advisory Committee, which helped demonstrate the importance of trails and foot based recreation in the forest. Feedback from hikers helps bolster support for opportunities for solitude, developing a network of trails, connecting trails to local communities, providing parking and bathroom facilities and minimizing environmental impacts.

Your voice is needed now to provide your thoughts and ideas to DNR and WDFW directly. Public input will play an important role in determining what recreation opportunities will be created.

Please make sure that hikers are represented. Take the survey now.

Next Steps

The survey closes on August 24, so act now to share your hopes for trails and recreation in the TCF.

Once the survey closes, the results will be shared with the Advisory Committee and used to shape the recreation plan for the Teanaway Community Forest.