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Happy Mother's Day: Heart-Warming Stories From the Trail

Posted by Jessi Loerch at May 08, 2019 05:07 PM |
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In honor of mom, here are some of our favorite stories and photos of moms and families out on trail.

I love the stories of how trails bring people together. And, as a mom, I have a particular soft spot for stories of families connecting on trail. My favorite memories of my own mother are all when we were outside — and even now we find great joy in hiking and birdwatching together.

The best part of working at Washington Trails Assocation is our community. We love the stories we are privileged to hear from hikers all across the state. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we want to share some of those stories.

A mother-son climb of Mount St. Helens. Photo by Jasper & the Girl Scouts. 

Trip reports

Every day, hikers across the state share trip reports. Some are simple and to the point — with useful trail conditions. And sometimes, we find truly heart-warming stories amid information about trails conditions. Here are some of our favorites from the last year:

So much more than just a hike 

This trip report is both informative and touching. Trip reporter Jasper & the Girl Scouts took a trip with her son to climb Mount St. Helens. It was her first big summit in decades. In fact, the last time she’d climbed a mountain, it was Mount St. Helens back when it was still a full mountain. Her son helped her refresh her ice-ax skills and the two had a successful team effort to make it to the summit. Everything about this story is a joy — you should really give it a read.  

"It was steep, I knew it would be, and I don't do steep very calmly. But with my son at my back, I took it one step at a time."

It’s great when the kids want to stay longer

HikerMama5, along with another mom, took five kids to explore Camano Island State Park.

“The kids loved the trees, the signs on the Al Emerson Nature Trail, and the creatures to be found along the shore. … Great spot to take kids - they would have stayed there for many hours more.”

Start them early

Trip reporter Zanath and some mom friends enjoyed a trip to North Creek Boardwalk.

“Our youngest walker was about 18 months and went about 0.25 miles himself. Good times even through it SNOWED on us!  … We saw quite a few water birds and loved the floating movement of the boardwalk.”

Sometime mom needs a break

Trip reporter Ups n Down took the baby for a hike to give mom a much-needed break. And while they were out, they appreciated the work that went into save this bit of land.

“A small window of opportunity and a much needed break for mommy prompted the baby and I to take a victory lap on this trail.  The recent purchase of the Bergsma/Windward property by the city of Issaquah is a great addition to the Cougar Mountain Park. … Thanks again to all the people who supported the effort to make this happen!”

Start them trip reporting early

We love how these parents are getting their kiddo outside — and encouraging the value of trip reporting at a young age. 

“(Written by a 9-year-old boy.) Today, I went to Talapus and Olallie Lake with my mom, my dad, and my dog. … The lake view is beautiful with partial clouds. We didn't need sunscreen because there was barely any sun today. The water is clean. You can walk on logs. You can also play balance beam on the logs.”

Every photo tells a story

Each year, WTA holds a photo contest. Every photo tells a story. Here are a few of our favorites from recent years. (When you head out on trail, bring along your camera! Or even your phone — we’d love to see your photos when our contest opens in August.) 

 royal basin by dan evans.jpg
The all important pre-dinner mother/son chess match at Royal Basin. Photo by Dan Evans. 

Motherly love on the Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier National Park. Photo by by Premangshu Saha.

At the summit with two mothers: The mother who raised her and mother nature. Photo by Rachel Davis.

A waterfall, a mom, a daughter and a selfie. Photo by Samantha Haong. 

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