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MY WTA: Meet Hally Swift

Posted by Lace Thornberg at May 13, 2011 01:20 PM |

It's WTA's Spring Member Drive! Once a year, we ask you to reach into your wallets and help support the work we do for trails. Please consider becoming a member of WTA today. The next time you go hiking, you'll be glad you did.


Why are YOU a member of Washington Trails Association? Over the next few weeks, members will be sharing their WTA stories, and we hope they inspire more people to join this active community of hikers. Longtime WTA member Hally Swift kicks it all off for us below.

Hally Swift
WTA member since 2000

Hally’s hike of choice is any week-long backpacking trip in “high and lonesome country.” She's frequently found in the North Cascades and has plans to cross the Sawtooth range later this summer. 

As an avid hiker with a mind for finance and great people skills, Hally was swiftly (pardon the pun) recruited for the WTA Board of Directors in 2000. As she held one key role after another on our board, her guidance fostered WTA’s steady growth over the next eight years. When she reached her limit on board terms, we asked her to chair our fundraising committee. Today, we’ve asked her to reflect on what being a member of WTA means to her.

You’ve been a WTA member since 2000. How has WTA changed over the years and how has it remained the same?

“What's changed: staff, membership, budget and trail hours have nearly doubled. WTA has a youth program, endowment and a color magazine. It an expanded presence in the state. What hasn't changed: having fun on trail maintenance trips, dedicated staff and volunteers, great trip reports and a terrific reputation.”

Tell us one highlight of being a WTA board member.

“I joined the board at a time when the NOVA reform was occurring and this was a great example of WTA being an effective and focused player in a making a difference for trails. A challenge for any organization is being focused and effective and WTA has done this spades. Another highlight the entire time was attending board meetings. That might seem odd, but almost all the meetings showcased WTA's accomplishments and allowed for collaboration. That made me excited about being involved with WTA.”

When you tell your friends about WTA, what do you say?

“I tell them about how effective and responsive WTA is to all the challenges facing trails. I tell them that WTA’s staff, volunteers and board members have a great combination of smarts, pluck and dedication.”

Hally Swift is an avid backpacker and a steadfast WTA champion. Thanks, Hally!