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Hacking your Oatmeal

Posted by Loren D at Mar 19, 2014 05:05 PM |

Fresh takes on a backpacking staple. Get some ideas and find ways to add an energy-boost to your next trail menu.

We recently went in search of ways to mix up a backpacking staple—oatmeal—on trail. We heard back from you with a TON of tasty suggestions. Illustrator (and trail work volunteer) Rebecca Jensen turned a few of those into this recipe reference. Try them out and let us know your oatmeal recipe in the comments below:

Pro tip: Some of the savory options work best with steel cut oatmeal, soaked overnight (no cooking!) to a chewy-gran consistency. Serve warm or cold.

Hacking Your Oatmeal
Hacking your oatmeal. Illustration by Rebecca Jensen.
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