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Get Ready for the 13th Annual Northwest Exposure Photo Contest

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Aug 09, 2016 02:15 PM |

The 2016 photo contest will feature a new category and some incredible prizes to be won. Contest starts August 17!

The Northwest Exposure Photo Contest is quickly approaching and we're happy to announce a brand new category for 2016 along with all-new prizes to be won. As we look forward to the opening day on August 17 you can prepare by checking out the categories the contest will feature below.

3rd Place - Hikers in Action by Jeff Lewis
3rd place finisher in the 2016 Hikers in Action category. Photo by Jeff Lewis.

Contest categories

  • Trailscapes: This category is all about showcasing the beauty of Washington State's incredible trails and landscapes. Show off your best shots of summit views, rushing waterfalls and winding trails as they take you through woods and over mountain passes.
  • Hikers in Action: The keyword for this category is 'action'. Photos that show hikers moving on the trail are highly encouraged. Whether the photo is of yourself, friends or family, we want to see how you make progress on the trail.
  • Flora and Fauna: Focus on the smaller things in this category by capturing wildflowers, furry critters and other eye-catching, living subjects. Remember to always practice Leave No Trace ethics when hiking and avoid approaching or feeding wildlife.
  • Camp Life: Show us how you relax at the end of the day. Whether it's cooking a meal in the backcountry, enjoying a perfectly placed hammock or camping in a state park, we want to see how you unwind and enjoy camp.
  • Trail Family: Brand new in 2016, this category is all about the connections we make on trail. Show us the faces of the people you enjoy hiking with and the fun you share. This category will be judged in part by public voting online.

How to enter

Starting on August 17 you'll find a link to submit your photos on the main Northwest Exposure page. In the meantime, take a look at the official contest rulesFAQ and prizes you can win. The contest will run until October 19.

2nd place winner in the Flora and Fauna category. Photo by Archana Bhat.
2nd place winner in the 2016 Flora and Fauna category. Photo by Archana Bhat.