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For When You Just Can't — 3 Ways to Get Outdoors While Doing Absolutely Nothing

Posted by Loren D at Apr 06, 2020 06:16 PM |

Stare, sip, sleep. It all counts.

We've talked a lot recently about how to exercise and use all that pent up hiking energy in neighborhood walks and runs. But let's be honest, we are collectively going through a thing. If the thought of putting on your shoes is enough to break you right now, these tips for getting a little healing dose of nature with very little effort are for you. 

Sky and moon by Britt Le
For a big view of clouds, moon, stars or soothing pale blue, just look up. Photo by Britt Le


Just stare at the sky or some trees. Find patch of grass. Or pop out on your balcony. Lie down (we recommend a pillow for comfort). Maybe there's a good spot (like, a couch) right in front of an open window. Stare at the sky or the tree tops for an hour. Or even just ten minutes. It's fine. Just stare at the sky. This works great on sunny days (blue skies and plenty of birds zipping around) but even better when the weather or wind puts on a cloud show for you. Raindrops on the windowpane counts as nature right now.


Sit and sip. Grab your coffee or a thermos of tea. Bundle up in your warmest layers (or a giant quilt for maximum cozy) and sit on your front stoop, or in a sun spot in front of an open window or even against a tree in a parking strip. Drink coffee slowly. Nature moment achieved.


Sleep. This will be easier for some folks than others: people with decks, balconies or yards where they feel safe catching some zzz's. But there is absolutely no reason you can't dig your sleeping bag out of storage and create a little outdoorsy nest to nap in. Is your tent your happy place? Why not set it up inside or out. String up a hammock or throw down your sleeping pad under a window and just try to catch a nap with the sound of songbirds in your ears and the smell of spring grasses flooding your senses.  

Dog and tent by Victoria JurgensA napping station with a tent might take more effort than you have in you. Feel free to go minimalist. Photo by Victoria Jurgens

Bonus: take it outside

Are there things you are already doing you can shift outside? Below are a few things that might work for you to take outside without expending much more energy than you would in your living room. And it might come with sunshine on your face or birdsong in your ears.

  • Reading a book
  • Working out
  • Catching up with your family
  • Taking your 20th Zoom call of the day

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