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Five Reasons to Join WTA

Posted by Loren D at May 08, 2013 10:15 AM |

Five reasons to become a member of Washington Trails Association today.

Whether you're looking for advice on your next hike or for a way to protect your favorite trails, joining Washington Trails Association community as a member will help you find and preserve trails. When you become a member, you'll ensure that the next generation of kids learns to love the outdoors as much as you do. You'll become of a part of an incredible, vibrant hiking community.

1. Protect

WTA is your voice for trails. When you head out to hike, you shouldn’t be stopped by a closed gate. WTA advocates on your behalf for increasing federal and state trail funding, improving recreational road access and keeping our state parks open.

2. Preserve

WTA  maintains the trails you love to hike. WTA fields the largest statewide volunteer trail maintenance program in the country. In 2012, WTA mobilized  2,700 volunteers on 170 trails, cutting back brush, building rock walls, fixing broken bridges and building new trails for you to hike.

3. Hike

Join WTA now

WTA helps plan your next adventure. Find inspiration, ideas and practical advice in WTA’s bi-monthly magazine, Washington Trails, and on our website. More than 3,000 hiking guide entries and 6,000 trip reports each year make the go-to place to find your next hike.

4. Inspire

Today’s children are tomorrow’s hikers and outdoor leaders. With online resources, WTA helps families get outside where kids can connect with nature. WTA also provides trail stewardship opportunities for youth and teens. In 2012, youth volunteered 15,000 hours fixing our trails across the state.

5. Connect

When you join WTA, you’ll be part of a dynamic hiking community. WTA members share a love of hiking, and each time we meet on a trail, volunteer or share advice online, we’re strengthening that community.