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Fireside Circle Members give in many ways

Posted by Diane Bedell at Jun 15, 2010 02:35 PM |

WTA's Fireside Circle Members spend a day helping reconstruct the Pratt River Connector Trail.

Giving happens in many ways here at WTA. Recently we hosted a work party on the Pratt River Connector Trail where we were joined by 32 members of WTA's Fireside Circle. It was a challenging day of moving rocks and dirt as these folks helped reconstruct a section of trail that has faded into near oblivion over the past 60 years. 

Fireside rock moving 150
Members of WTA's Fireside Circle work hard to move a big rock during a recent work party. Photo by Paul Bestock.

But just who are these folks? The Fireside Circle recognizes those individuals who give $500 or more annually to WTA. What's especially amazing is that, in addition to their financial generosity, many Fireside Circle members pitch in by getting dirty on trail too.

We started the day by awarding a trail crew vest to one member who had completed 25 days on trail with WTA. Then our hearty volunteers headed out to tackle a series of tough projects: one group built a new retaining wall, one group used toters to haul fill from the gravel bar to the new trail location, and yet another group began construction on a new turnpike where much of that rock fill ended up. In all, it was a very successful day of trail reconstruction on the Pratt River Connector Trail, capped by some of the best weather of the year and the wonderful camaraderie of an extraordinary group of WTA members.

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