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Find A Hike You Like With WTA's Trailblazer App

Posted by Anna Roth at Nov 01, 2022 04:26 PM |

Our team of incredibly generous and hardworking volunteer developers and designers have been working hard to get you some crucial updates to our app!

An updated version of WTA's free mobile app is now available. Our team of incredibly generous and hardworking volunteer developers and designers have been working hard this year to get some crucial updates to our app, and we're happy to announce the rollout today!

Hiker walks on snowy trail with inset image of trip reports on the mobile app
When conditions change on trail, it's important to let other hikers know! Write a trip report using WTA's Trailblazer app. Photo by nwroth.

You can now peruse our Hiking Guide for trails with features you like to see (such as lakes, summits, or coastline). We also added our new wheelchair-friendly filter and other filters like which (if any) pass you need to park at the trailhead and whether a trail is dog-friendly.

You can also browse trip reports to check the conditions of the roads or trails you'll be traveling.

The trip report filters also make it easier to find what hikes with seasonal considerations are good right now (like if the leaves are changing or the berries are ripe).

To address sometimes-wonky image uploads in Android, we've added an image rotator to the trip report form, and we upped the size limit on photos so you can file trip reports straight from your phone.

View of WTA Trailblazer app over photo of hiker walking on dune ridge. Philip Cho
Photos in trip reports are crucial to helping other people understand what to expect to see out there. Photo by Philip Cho.

    Key updates to WTA's Trailblazer app

    In addition to a design update, here's what's new in WTA's Trailblazer app.

    • Search for trails using WTA's full Hiking Guide search suite.
    • Find wheelchair-friendly trails using our recently-launched wheelchair filter.
    • Decide if a hike is right for you using our new Difficulty ratings (determined by an algorithm comparing elevation gain per mile).
    • Filter trip reports by features like fall foliage, ripe berries, and road and trail conditions.
    • Image rotating supported in the trip report form.

    make the most of the app

    • Check the weather. You can check the weather at the trailhead you want to visit by using the link to NOAA's website found in each hiking guide entry.
    • Browse now, read later. Poke around WTA's Hiking Guide while you're on wifi and save hikes to your Backpack, so if you have to make an at-the-trailhead change of plans you have offline access to all the information for any hike in your My Backpack. This includes offline access to our driving directions (see why that's important below)!
    • Double down on directions. Each hike in our Hiking Guide includes text directions to augment the Google directions to the trailhead coordinates. Using Google directions alone has lead many hikers astray on Forest Service roads.

    Once you've used it a bit, please rate or review the app in the Google Play store or Apple Store.

    Bonus points: consider chipping in to help support this website and further improvements to the app.

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