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Do You Want Hiking Trails in the Teanaway?

Posted by sailor7557 at Jul 18, 2014 02:45 AM |

The new Teanaway Community Forest has endless possibilities for a world-class trail system for hikers. The forest does not have an official trail system to call its own, but planning is underway right now. Make sure your voice is heard on the future of trails in the Teanaway.

The new Teanaway Community Forest has endless possibilities for a world-class trail system for hikers. Currently the forest does not have an official trail system to call its own.

The Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee (WTA is a member) and the state agencies are looking for feedback regarding the future of the forest.

Let the advisory committee know that hiking trails are important in the Teanaway Community Forest. Submit an online comment today.

Consider these questions when providing your thoughts about trails in the forest:

  • What kind of hiking trails would you like to see in the Teanaway? (Example: I enjoy trails that meander along rivers and are family-friendly.)
  • When you go hiking, what kind of experience(s) do you like to have? (Examples: I want to get to the top of a peak; I like to backpack and spend the night out under the stars.)
  • Do you want multi-use trails in the Teanaway? (Examples: I don't mind hiking with horses or mountain bikers; I like using hiker-only trails.)
  • Do you want the Teanaway Community Forest to contain motorized trails? If so, would you be ok hiking on trails with motorized users such as dirt bikes?
  • If you currently use the Teanaway Community Forest, mention where you go and what you like to do there. (Example: I enjoy hiking to Cheese Rock because there are great views.)

With the help of an advisory committee, the departments of Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife must develop a plan for managing the forest by next year.

Make sure your voice is heard; share your thoughts on recreation in the Teanaway Community Forest today -- planning is under way!

Teanaway Purchase Map
Click to download the full map from the Department of Natural Resources and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Shared use environment

Shared use areas are the most productive because they bring everyone's resources to the table. We were riding our horses out of Indian Camp and it was apparent that the dirt bike folks had come through and created trails,and in some cases, probably been there with chainsaws to cut downed trees and clear trail. In camp they were mostly pretty courteous, not driving their bikes up and down the road and creating dust and noise. Separate trails for motorized and non motorized; hiking and horse can share. lovely area. I would love more horse facilities at both 29 pines and Indian camp.

Posted by:

scheek on Jul 23, 2014 06:00 AM

Shared Use

I believe shared use of trails in the Teanaway Community forest should be limited to hikers and horse riders. Mountain bikes and motorized vehicles cause damage and increase likelihood of erosion. In addition, I have found that ORV tend to go off trail more then hikers or horse riders. They also frighten the wildlife, and there is more risk of fire from hot exhaust. Please keep the forest a peaceful, serene, place to enjoy nature.

Posted by:

Motion on Jul 23, 2014 10:22 AM

Shared Use

I believe shared use of trails in the Teanaway Community forest should NOT be limited to just hikers and backpackers. There is already an abundance of trails in the Teanaway that is limited to only hikers. The wilderness areas are already off limits to all motorized vehicles. I rode my horse to Gallagher Head Lake just this past weekend and was met by many jeeps and ORV's and most had chainsaw and fire extinguishers mounted on their rigs. All were very courteous and friendly. Many hikers and backpackers forget who do the majority of trail maintenance in these hard economic times. I have yet to see a hiker pack out a saddle bag of garbage as we do every time I leave an area where hikers have been. The dollars you are spending each year for your trail passes barely covers the toilet paper you find in the out houses at the trailhead let alone trail maintenance. The next time you see an OVR or a horse trailer with a Back County Horseman sticker on the door you may want to think about saying thank you instead of "flipping them the bird". Not everyone is physically capable of hiking into the backcountry but anyone should have the opportunity to visit.

Posted by:

hrsnround on Jul 23, 2014 01:11 PM


I'm a hiker (with leashed dog) and mountain biker, and have had only good experiences when encountering ATVs, horses and turkey hunters, grazing cows, in Teanaway and elsewhere. We, too, pick up and pack out trash we find. Love Teanaway area.

Posted by:

barbartist on Jul 27, 2014 07:47 PM

Share the trails...Stop The Hate!!!

85% of all trails in the state of Washington are closed to motorized use. Isn't 85% of something more than a fair share?

I love to go hiking, mountain bike riding and dirt bike riding riding. I go kayaking and sailing as well. I just don't understand the hiker-only mindset. It is so elitist and full of disdain for other forest users who don't adhere to their level of pseudo wilderness purity.

Separate and unequal treatment is the norm when it comes to motorized outdoor recreation and it is unconscionable and full of hate.

Please stop.

Posted by:

sailor7557 on Aug 01, 2014 04:06 PM