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Do You Have a Vehicle to Donate?

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Dec 22, 2010 01:48 PM |

WTA's trusty Subaru has blown its head gasket. Do you have a vehicle to donate to the Trail Maintenance department?

In an unforeseen and sad development, our hapless WTA staff chauffer Sheldon (a.k.a Alan Carter Mortimer) has reported that something is seriously amiss with his trusty Subaru wagon.

The little blue roadster had been his constant companion, propelling him to trailheads and trails in every corner of the state. It has been ever responsive to his command, braving darkness and storms on mission after mission, delivering tools and supplies to volunteer crews ranging from Mount Baker to Beacon Rock, from the Olympic Coast to the Salmo-Priest Wilderness.

Now that is over. Sadly, the brave little jalopy that has given so much to trail maintenance can give no more. The little machine has blown its head gasket.

You can imagine Sheldon’s feelings. His regret that his trusty traveling companion will not accompany him to the next WTA work party is almost overwhelming. In fact, how will he get to that next work party at all?

Can you help? Perhaps you can provide Sheldon with holiday cheer. Maybe you have a vehicle you were considering donating to a worthy cause. Perhaps you need a convenient tax deduction!

We asked Sheldon to sit down and make us a list of his wishes, and he did so.  Here they are:

Sheldon’s Dream donated vehicle:

  • Mechanically sound
  • Five feet or more of room for tools and equipment
  • Space for 4+ passengers
  • Four-wheel or All-wheel drive (front wheel drive would be a less desired option)
  • Good ground clearance (6"+)
  • Good gas mileage


  • Subaru Outback, Legacy or Forester station wagon
  • Chevy Blazer
  • Toyota Rav 4
  • Small Pickup Truck

Sheldon, and all of us at WTA, will be eternally grateful for your vehicle donation. In fact, WTA has always depended on generous donations from our supporters in order to keep our trail maintenance program rolling.

Please contact us if you have a vehicle you would like us to consider.  Alan Carter Mortimer is taking calls for Sheldon at (206) 327-1897, or email him at