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Carpooling: Be (and Save) Green

Posted by Erinn Unger at Jul 23, 2008 11:10 AM |

With gas prices rising and glaciers melting, WTA encourages those who register for trail work parties to carpool. That way, trail volunteers can be green, and save some cash as well.

Every time you sign up for a work party, you'll receive an invitation to our automated carpool system, which allows volunteers to coordinate rides with one another. After you register for a trail work party, you'll be prompted to choose one of these options: willing to drive, needs a ride, or willing to drive or ride. Then, in the space provided, give a brief description of your ideal meeting place  (often a local park & ride is a good meeting spot).

This information, as well as your e-mail address, will be forwarded to the people who sign up for your trip. Your phone number will not be included, so please make sure the e-mail address you give is accurate. You can then contact, or be contacted by, others interested in carpooling. If you're riding, don’t forget to help your driver with the cost of gas.

This service is pretty effective, a whopping 80 percent, and will give you the chance to meet your fellow volunteers ahead of time – and maybe even have sing-alongs on the way to the trail!

If you have other questions, click here for more info.