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An Uncertain Future for Enchanted Valley Chalet

Posted by Francakes at Jul 26, 2016 06:35 AM |
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Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts are invited to share their opinion on four options for the structure.

Enchanted Valley Chalet. Photo by Scott Barr.

Since the Enchanted Valley Chalet was built in 1930, the rustic structure has become an icon within Olympic National Park. The chalet is deep within the Olympics Wilderness and is 13 miles from the nearest road. It has served as a WWII aircraft spotting station, a lodge for hikers, a ranger station and as an emergency shelter.

But it sits on an active floodplain. Wandering waters of the Quinault River have made it necessary for the National Park Service to consider several options for the chalet’s future that could mean big changes for this destination.

Submit your thoughts about the future for the chalet

The National Park Service has invited hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to share their opinion on the following options for the structure:

  • Move the chalet to another location in the Enchanted Valley.
  • Leave the chalet where it is while keeping it closed to the public.
  • Leave it where it is and build it a new foundation while keeping it closed to the public.
  • Dismantle the chalet and either leave some of the remains for public viewing or remove the materials with the option of reusing them.


Comments are due by August 31 and can be made through the park's online form.

In 2014, the structure was moved a short distance away from the river to prevent it from falling into the water.