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An $18,872 Tribute to the Trails!

Posted by LisaC at Apr 04, 2012 05:50 PM |

The Tribute for Trails 2012 calendar raised nearly $19,000 for Washington Trails Association.

Trail runners Glenn Tachiyama, Wendy Wheeler Jacobs, and Damien Murphy recently raised over $18,872 for Washington Trails Association by selling their 2012 calendars!

Quite the tribute to the trails!

For the past seven years, these dedicated members have taken photographs and created calendars for Washington state trail runners to enjoy year-round, donating all proceeds from the sales directly to Washington Trails Association. In the last seven years, we have received over $90,000 from the sale of these calendars.

Special thanks goes all of you who bought calendars, the local retailers who offered the calendar for sale, and companies who made a gift, matched contributions and underwrote the cost of printing. Your contribution helps WTA speak up for our trails and wildlands.