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A Love Story Forged on Trail

Posted by Kate Neville at Feb 11, 2016 06:10 PM |

From a third date at Mount Si to an engagement in front of Carbon Glacier, one couple falls in love on trail, and then gives back to them in lieu of gifts for their wedding.

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! Longtime members Olga and Ryan love trails so much, when they got married last summer, they generously encouraged friends and family to contribute to WTA in lieu of gifts. We are so incredibly honored to be a part of this moment in their lives, and asked Olga to share the story of how she and Ryan connected through hiking and trails.

Here is their story:

Ryan and Olga Love Story
Ryan and Olga fell in love with each other and with Washington's trails.

We've enjoyed hiking in Washington since we met. Our third date was a rainy-day hike to Little Si, and we've done hundreds of hikes together.

Through it all, the WTA website has been our first and best resource for finding the perfect hike for any conditions, and we depend on WTA trail maintenance and other work to keep Washington hiking beautiful!

Hiking is a big part of our lives. Ryan even proposed to me in front of the Carbon Glacier at Mount Rainier.

While we support WTA ourselves, we were excited to help out more by asking our guests to celebrate our wedding with an additional gift to WTA. We know it's going to pay great dividends over the years to come!

Ryan and Olga Glacier Proposal
Carbon River Glacier: a pretty epic spot to get engaged.

Ryan and Olga Wedding
In lieu of wedding gifts, Ryan and Olga generously asked for gifts to WTA instead. Photo by Nikki Closser


What an awesome way to share your love for Washington's trails. Thank you, Olga and Ryan! If you're interested in giving to WTA for a special moment in your lives, you can use this form or contact our membership department with any questions.

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