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A Cuppa Joe in the Woods

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Jan 29, 2008 03:41 PM |

I'm a coffee addict, I'll admit it.

In fact, I think before I can finish this blog post I need a latte.




OK. That's better.

So, coffee in the backcountry. Or rather, good coffee in the backcountry. Is it possible?

Well, sure..but it really depends on how much stuff you're willing to carry into the woods and how much of a cleanup hassle you want to deal with. You can bring along a lightweight coffee dripper and ground beans, but the cleanup is a bit of a hassle.

Instant is the choice for lightweight packers, but you give up a heckuva lot of taste. One compromise is a pretty good instant backpacking latte: a Nescafe 3-in-1 packet (with milk, coffee, & sugar) plus a teaspoon of instant espresso to give it some extra oomph. Read more about coffee tips in this month's issue of Washington Trails.

One joy of hitting the trail is stopping for coffee drinks on the way home. There are plethora of apres-hiking espresso stands and shops to keep Washington's hikers thoroughly wired.

Janice Van Cleve, a fanatical hiker, WTA trail volunteer, and writer for Washington Trails magazine, kindly passed on to me her top espresso stops in each of the state's main hiking corridors. Enjoy!

I-90 = New Dawn Espresso

43030 SE North Bend Way on 436th at the road that goes to Mt. Si.

Best Americanos, piping hot.  The white chocolate is divine!  Very friendly place. 

Highway 2 = Espresso Chalet

Mile Post 36 at the junction to Index

Any flavor you can imagine is here.  Sandy always gives out chocolate covered coffee beans for free.

Granite Falls/Verlot = Two Cups Up

108 North Alder across from the middle school

Best espresso milkshakes.

Mountain Loop/Darington/Arlington = Your Daily Grind Espresso

624 North Broadway

Very convenient.  I'm not up this way much.

Have a favorite coffee spot returning home from the trail? Let us know.





A cuppa Joe on theway home from a hard day hike

Ok after a good day out in the north cascads at Mount Baker we stop at grams in Glacier to get us down to Maple Falls and stop at Maapale Fuel for another cup if one wasen't enough and a bagel or Maybe a dele sandwitch.
  Or If one is really hungery Frosteys in Maple Falls can fill the voides to get you home depending on how far home is.

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Hermod Bakke on Jan 30, 2008 05:47 PM