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Larrabee State Park’s trails get a WTA-style facelift.

Posted by Alyssa Sunderland at May 21, 2008 11:00 AM |
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This spring WTA volunteers are tackling trail Fragrance Lake Trailimprovements on trails within Larrabee State Park near Bellingham.  The project got a head-start in April when a Volunteer Vacation crew, turned away by cold breezes and snow on Lake Chelan, moved to Larrabee State Park (slightly less cold and a lot less snowy), and worked for five days to improve a long-standing water problem on the Clayton Beach Trail.

Last weekend (May 17 - 18) nearly thirty volunteers signed up for WTA's first open-to-the-public work party, and worked on the Fragrance Lake Trail, improving drainage in wet areas and rebuilding the tread to make the trail safer and more appealing to walk on for the many families that frequent this trail. 

WTA will host another weekend at Larrabee (locals and destination-travelers welcome!), scheduled for the first weekend of summer, June 21and 22. You can sign up on-line for one or both of those days here: Saturday, June 21 & Sunday, June 22.

And, a shout-out to Burlington-Edison North High School students, who recently joined WTA for a mid-week work party at Larrabee.  These first-time trail workers repaired switchbacks heading up the Fragrance Lake Trail, planting ferns, removing roots and improving the tread.  One student, who had never been hiking before the work party, went back two days later to complete the hike up to the lake and check on how the work was holding up.  Mission accomplished!

For a full listing off all of our work parties, including the upcoming weekend at Larrabee State Park, see our Trail Schedule.