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Who's been hiking in the Olympics lately?

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Sep 25, 2007 05:00 PM |
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The Olympics are one of my favorite places to hike. Okay, sure--I have lots of favorite hiking places in the state--but the Olympics have a special attraction for me. They're a compact mountain range. Yet in a small area they offer a wide range of micro-ecosystems, from dense rainforests of the Hoh to the spruce forests of the coast, to the relatively drier forests and huge rhododendrons of the northeast Olympics. And the Olympics are great for endless combinations grand loops and deep wilderness exploring.

Mildred LakesBut recently, browsing through WTA's trip reports, I've noticed a shortage of reports from the Olympics. That's a bit puzzling since I know a lot of our members hike there, and many hikers from the west Puget Sound think of the Olympics as their own hiking playground.

Have you been to the Olympics lately? Consider submitting a trip report. And I'm not talking about another report from Mount Ellinor (and I am guilty: it's a great trail, and I hiked it for the first time this summer, but it's a very popular trail).

Some possibilities: Been to Grand Valley lately? How about the Hoh River Trail? Mount Townsend is a a very popular hike with views aplenty, yet we haven't had a report since early August. Or how about Tubal Cain Mine? Or Cape Alava on the wilderness coast?

How are the fall colors in the Olympics? Let us know. Has snow started to descend in the high country? Keep us posted. File a trip report after your adventure. And if you head out for some fantastic September hiking on the Peninsula, make sure to pack lots of warm clothes and all the 10 essentials.

Photo of Mildred Lakes, Olympic National Forest, by "Fred."