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Hike every weekend

Posted by Andrew Engelson at May 16, 2006 05:00 PM |
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Hikers don't make their resolutions on New Year's, but on Memorial Day.

That's the day the hiking season "unofficially" starts. Certainly, you can hike all year round, but that last weekend in May is the time to really start looking forward to snow melt in the high country.

Hiker descending Shannon RidgeAnd it's the time we start looking over our hike lists. And start dreaming. In this month's issue of Washington Trails, WTA's development director Lace Thornberg writes about a special sort of hiker, the ones who resolve to hike every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

They're a tough breed, these immersion hikers. and they've learned to make sacrifices. You'll have to say no to more than a few social engagements, and encourage your friends to come hiking with you instead of hanging around town to watch a movie.

Do your friends and family like to hike? Or do you do you have to plan time alone for your hiking pursuits? What strategies do you have for getting in all the hiking (or trail maintenance) you want to do each summer?

And what's on your to-do-list? Here's mine. I'm an over-achiever, that's clear. We'll see how many I get to. Even though I'm the editor of a hiking magazine, it's always a stretch to do my dream list. I have to work in a lot of family-friendly backpacks and car camps for the little ones, Fiona and Matilda. I'll keep you posted on how the list goes...

Photo of hiker descending Shannon Ridge by Mike Matson.