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2016 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Jan 03, 2017 03:59 PM |
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More than 4,800 photos were entered in the 2016 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest, giving us incredible imagery from all over Washington. Here are the winners from each category.

Starting with 4,897 entries, Northwest Exposure judges faced a daunting task of choosing winners from the five categories of the 2016 contest, ending up with just 16 photos in the end. The incredible amount of images submitted this year was only topped by their quality. From stunning landscapes and winding trails to smiling faces on trails, this truly was an incredible year for trail photography.

Here are the winning images from the 2016 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest:

Grand Prize: Nick Danielson (Seattle)

Nick Danielson, Grand Prize 2016
Grand Prize winner. Photo by Nick Danielson from Trappers Peak, North Cascades.

"Trails provide guidance to creativity, motivation to run, opportunity to build relationships, and an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. I am constantly surprised by our amazing trail infrastructure and information in Washington." - Nick Danielson

1st Place, Trailscapes: Craig Goodwin (Spokane)

Craig Goodwin, 1st Place, Trailscapes 2016
1st Place, Trailscapes. Photo by Craig Goodwin from Riverside State Park - Bowl and Pitcher Trail.

"I love that Riverside State Park is right next to the urban center of Spokane, and yet it feels so far away from civilization when you wander these trails. The Spokane River is a real treasure of the Inland Northwest and this park and the trails that surround it show the best of the river." - Craig Goodwin

2nd Place, Trailscapes: Jason Racey (Issaquah)

Jason Racey, 2nd Place, Trailscapes 2016
2nd Place, Trailscapes. Photo by Jason Racey from the Wonderland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park.

"I am a wilderness landscape photographer. Trails allow me to get far into the backcountry to look for unique images, even in areas I've already visited. Hiking is also great exercise and a meditative experience." - Jason Racey

3rd Place, Trailscapes: Jeffery Abbott (Seattle)

Jeffrey Abbott, 3rd Place, Trailscapes 2016
3rd Place, Trailscapes. Photo by Jeffrey Abbott from Lower Lewis River Falls.

"I have been chasing waterfalls for about four years now. They can be so moody, whether they are raging, and drown out all other sounds, or gently cascading down, creating calm." - Jeffrey Abbott

1st Place, Hikers in Action: Kyle Lewis (Seattle)

Kyle Lewis, 1st Place Hikers in Action 2016
1st Place, Hikers in Action. Photo by Kyle Lewis from Winchester Mountain.

"My wife and I both love nature and hiking is a great outlet for us. We love the sense of adventure from exploring new trails but also the peacefulness and solitude of a long hike." - Kyle Lewis

2nd Place, Hikers in Action: Travis Mighell (Geneseo, IL)

Travis Mighell, 2nd Place, Hikers in Action 2016
2nd Place, Hikers in Action. Photo by Travis Mighell from Second Beach.

"In short, hiking is cathartic for me. It allows me to maintain mental clarity and helps to keep life in perspective." - Travis Mighell

3rd Place, Hikers in Action: Jennifer Parsons (University Place)

Jennifer Parsons, 3rd Place Hikers in Action 2016
3rd Place, Hikers in Action. Photo by Jennifer Parsons from Falls Creek.

"I love that even the same trail is different every time! Varying seasons, weather, and time of day always bring out new features and I love discovering them during quality time with my family." - Jennifer Parsons

1st Place, Camp Life: Andrew Koehn (Edmonds)

Andrew Koehn, 1st Place Camp Life 2016
1st Place, Camp Life. Photo by Andrew Koehn from Hidden Lake Lookout.

"The grandeur of the wilderness provides inspiration and perspective to my life. It is refreshing to remember during stressful times that such places of serenity exist and are accessible to those who seek them." - Andrew Koehn

2nd Place, Camp Life: Mike Warren (Seattle)

Mike Warren, 2nd Place Camp Life 2016
2nd Place, Camp Life. Photo by Mike Warren from The Brothers trail.

"Our group decided to climb the Brothers. The approach to basecamp on The Brother's trail, at the end of the Valley of the Silent Men, was wet and cold. At basecamp we were all hungry, but equally cold.  There was no way we could start a fire, so we used the stove as a hand warming station! I was inspired to take this picture because it showed exactly how we felt." - Mike Warren

3rd Place, Camp Life: Suzi Pratt (Seattle)

Suzi Pratt, 3rd Place Camp Life 2016
3rd Place, Camp Life. Photo by Suzi Pratt from Eightmile Lake.

"Having grown up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, hiking and overnight camping in the woods were not something I did as a child. However, I recall many overnight car camping trips at the beach that always involved curling up with a good book. The scene in this photo harkens back to those days, albeit in a very different scene!" - Suzi Pratt

1st Place, Flora and Fauna: LeeAnne Emrick (Everett)

LeeAnne Emrick, 1st Place Flora and Fauna 2016
1st Place, Flora and Fauna. Photo by LeeAnne Emrick from Twin Falls.

"Photography serves as not only my creative voice, but also my motivation. There was a time in my life in which I very rarely got outdoors to enjoy trails and the solitude of being away from everyday life. I picked up photography as a means of a creative outlet after becoming a mom and finding it hard to make time for painting and crafts that I used to do. Somehow the two came together, and I became a hiker. When I’m out working a scene, I feel overwhelmed and awed by the sheer number of ways that a landscape can speak to me. Though it sounds cliché, it helps me forget about the world for just a little while, which is always rejuvenating." - LeeAnne Emrick

2nd Place, Flora and Fauna: Michael Despines (Bellevue)

Michael Despines 2nd Place Flora and Fauna 2016
2nd Place, Flora and Fauna. Photo by Michael Despines from the Hoh Rainforest.

"Trails are important because they help you find yourself as you explore new worlds." - Michael Despines

3rd Place, Flora and Fauna: Larry Baxter (Camano Island)

Larry Baxter 3rd Place Flora and Fauna 2016
3rd Place, Flora and Fauna. Photo by Larry Baxter from the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge.

"Trails are important to me, for the access they provide to nature in its raw form. While hiking, I feel in touch with the natural sights, sounds and smells of wilderness that refreshes my soul." - Larry Baxter

1st Place, Trail Family: Brian Koning (Bellingham)

1st Place, Trail Family by Brian Koning
1st Place, Trail Family. Photo by Brian Koning from Anderson Lake.

"Our family has always camped and hiked, and my wife and I have enjoyed an occasional backpacking trip over the years, but we had never taken our kids (4, 6, and 8) backpacking. This trip changed that. It was such a great experience that our kids all agreed that the next time we go backpacking, we have to stay more than one night!" - Brian Koning

2nd Place, Trail Family: Dawn Stief (Vashon)

2nd Place, Trail Family. Photo by Dawn Stief.
2nd Place, Trail Family. Photo by Dawn Stief from Maple Pass.

"It is on the trails that we truly bond as a family. All the distractions of modern life disappear and we are truly able to be mindful and connected." - Dawn Stief

3rd Place, Trail Family: Bernice Terrell (Everett)

3rd Place, Trail Family. Photo by Bernice Terrell.
3rd Place, Trail Family. Photo by Bernice Terrell from Summit Lake.

"Trails are important because they are an incredible way to explore our beautiful state. They provide safety and guidance for unfamiliar territory, and an amazing way to capture breathtaking views that the cities cannot." - Bernice Terrell



Thanks to all of our fantastic sponsors for this year's contest, including MountainsmithMountaineers Books, REI, Three Bears Lodge, Frame Central, Manfrotto, and MindShift Gear.

If you're preparing for the 2017 photo contest, check out these tips to snap a winning shot, and we'll look forward to seeing your entries starting on August 17!


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