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Welcome to the Signpost blog!

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Feb 26, 2006 04:00 PM |
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Welcome to the Signpost Blog!

Andrew Engelson photoToday, we're starting a new, running commentary of topics related to hiking in Washington state, from hiking suggestions to funding for trails. Where's the best place to take the kids hiking? What's your favorite recipe for backpacking Phad Thai? How will we make the Wild Sky Wilderness a reality? These are just a few many topics we'll cover in this daily dialog. You're encouraged to sign up and post comments, and hopefully we'll start a conversation about this pastime we love: hiking in Washington.

Technology is a funny thing. Even though we're breaking new ground, we're also coming full circle. This year is the 40th anniversary of WTA, which began in 1966 as a little newsletter called Signpost. Signpost was a timely, typewritten, collection of hiking tips, news items and wilderness activism. Written and published by Louise Marshall, the brief items ranged from humorous anecdotes to calls to action. Turns out Louise Marshall was blogging years before the technology even existed.

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the places we love to hike, whether it's the Alpine Lakes or the Olympic wilderness coast. Now it's up to us--a new generation of hikers--to use the tools of technology to continue the work of people like Louise.

So bookmark this site ( and check back often. We'll report on the latest news in the hiking community, offer trip suggestions and fill you in on the latest trail work crews. We'll talk about issues important to us, sing the praises of a great piece of hiking gear, and keep you informed of what you can do to help protect trails.

And hopefully, have a little fun doing it.

See you on the trails,
Andrew Engelson
Editor, Signpost Blog and Washington Trails magazine