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Rue Mapp Uplifts Black Joy in the Outdoors with New Book

In her new book, Rue Mapp is telling the story of Black people that she has always known to be true — one of freedom and strength. By Jessi Loerch

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A Book Made for Disabled Hikers

Syren Nagakyrie hopes their new hiking guide gives many who have felt excluded the information they need to get outside. By Jessi Loerch

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Gift Guide: 13 Favorite Outdoor-Themed Books

Dec 10, 2021

These staff recommended reads are the perfect accompaniment to your shoulder-season adventures — or a way to stay busy while you wait out the high-country snow. We also think they'd make great holiday gifts for the nature lovers in you life.

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Books to Cultivate a Sense of Wonder in Nature — Wherever You Are

Jun 26, 2020

Reading can help you look at the world in a whole new way. Here are some books, for kids to adults, to get you started.

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Take Your Book Club Outside

Nov 18, 2019

Your guide for starting an outdoorsy book club, complete with 27 book+hike pairings.

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She Explores: How the Power of Stories Can Bring People Together

May 10, 2019

Gale Straub shares her story of what She Explores has meant to her. Her new books shares the stories of many enthusiastic explorers.

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"Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home" — a True Story of Overcoming Doubt on the PCT

Feb 28, 2019

Anish’s journey is riddled with close calls, dust-ups and all the great threats of being at nature’s mercy. Whether being stalked by mountain lions or sprinting across exposed ridgelines in a thunderstorm, she transforms what most of us consider to be turn-around points into knee-high barriers, and pushes on.

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Book Review: Slow Down, Make Time to Create Art on Trail

Jan 02, 2019

Artist Molly Hashimoto, author of "Colors of the West," would like to encourage people to slow down on their next adventure. And not just for 30 seconds to snap a quick photo.

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Book Review: Seattle Walks

Sep 26, 2017

“Seattle Walks” is a great place to get started on an urban adventure. The book’s 17 walks will train you to look for things you’ve never noticed before as you walk the Cheshiahud Loop or from Elliott Bay to Lake Washington.

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A Pack-Sized Guide to Our Mountains

Jul 26, 2017

In the "Natural History of the Pacific Northwest Mountains", you’ll find photos and descriptions of plants, birds, mammals, fungi, fish, lichens, rocks and more. The new edition of the book features an additional 132 species, updated scientific information and an expanded focus on how climate change could affect the Pacific Northwest.

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Book Review: The Nature Fix

May 12, 2017

When you step out on a favorite trail, you know, on some level, that the experience is good for you. With journalistic vigor and wry humor, Florence Williams tackles the science behind these feelings in “The Nature Fix.” (And, it turns out, you've been right all along.)

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Love Books, Love Nature: 10 Books for Outdoor Families

Mar 23, 2017

A good book can take you away to a new place, make you curious about the world or nature and inspire you to create your own adventures. That’s true for all ages. Here are a few books to consider adding to your child’s reading list, as well as books to inspire parents to take their kids exploring.

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Book Review: On Trails

Mar 23, 2017

The minimalist jacket of “On Trails: An Exploration” suggests a meditation on the act of hiking, but author Robert Moor addresses trails in a broader context. The result is a good read but not, perhaps, in the way you’d expect it to be.

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A Poet's Guide to Trails

Jun 08, 2016

Local high schooler Wallis Boram has compiled 'A Poet's Guide to Trails', an original piece of work featuring poems highlighting five of Washington's trails.

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New Guidebook, Map for Hiking Mount St. Helens

May 12, 2015

Explore the trails and changing landscape of trails around Mount St. Helens using a new guidebook: Day Hiking Mount St. Helens, published by Mountaineers Books.

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For National Poetry Month, Enjoy Literature on Trail

Apr 14, 2015

Olympic National Park and the North Olympic Library System will be helping inspire some thoughtful moments on-trail by offering a second season of poetry walks. Plus, six suggested poetry volumes for creating your own poetry walks anywhere.

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Survivalist Bookshelf: Field Guides & True Stories

Mar 07, 2015

There are plenty of great books that can help you sharpen your skills, become a more prepared hiker and recreate safely in the outdoors. Here are four books focused on survival that we enjoyed—and our favorite tips to get you started.

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Take Better Nighttime Photos

May 16, 2014

Learn how to take better nighttime photos with this new photography guide from Mountaineers Books.

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Seattle Stairs: A Step Up from Stairmasters

Dec 12, 2013

Can you hike in the city? Sure you can. Discover a whole new side of Seattle and stay in shape with the Seattle Stairway Walks guide from Mountaineers Books.

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Take a Winter Tour of the North Cascades Highway

Dec 02, 2013

The North Cascades Highway (SR 20) closed due to heavy snowfall and avalanche danger. Whether it reopens or not, you can see those breathtaking peaks all winter long with Jack McLeod's beautiful book, "The North Cascades Highway: A Roadside Guide to America's Alps"

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Can't Get Out? Read Up

Nov 15, 2013

This week, the National Outdoor Book Awards selected ten books that offer house-bound hikers a way to get outside, even if the elements have conspired to keep you in. From thru-hiking stories to snow skills, wolves to Everest, you're sure to find your next great read on the list.

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New Hiking Guidebook for Eastern Washington

Apr 05, 2013

With 125 hikes in the brand new Day Hiking Eastern Washington guidebook, you can hike your way to wildflowers, hidden waterfalls and marshes full of birdsong; sweeping vistas of mountains and rolling hills; intimate canyons with steep basalt cliffs; lush forests and golden woodlands. Order or download your copy today.

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New Backpacking Guidebook Out

Jun 17, 2011

Backpackers rejoice! A new guidebook, Backpacking Washington by Craig Romano, is hot off the presses from Mountaineers Books. It features 70 overnight and multi-day backpack trips in Washington, with suggestions ranging from the Olympic Coast to the Blue Mountains of Southeast Washington and a whole lot in between.

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New Columbia Gorge Guidebook Hits the Trail

Mar 30, 2011

Craig Romano's Day Hiking Columbia River Gorge (Mountaineers Books) has just been published, and the timing couldn't be more perfect: wildflowers are just appearing on trails all along the Washington side of the Gorge and waterfalls are raging on the Oregon side.

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