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Winter Hikes

Finding that perfect winter hike can be a challenging task but getting out during the colder months can be endlessly rewarding. Avoid the crowds, see familiar landscapes through new eyes and shake off the winter doldrums during one of the hikes we've selected below. These guides will help you find what you're looking for whether it's a beginner snowshoe route or a snow-free hike close to home. 

If you don't already have one, create an account with us so you can save hikes you're interested in while you're browsing. We promise you'll find more than one here you'll want to do. And if you're new to this whole hiking thing, we've got a handy Hiking 101 page you'll want to check out.

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Winter Safety Tips | Snowshoeing 101 | Northwest Avalanche Center | What to Wear on a Winter Hike | Keep your Gear Dry Hot Drinks for Chilly Days

Winter Safety Tips

Winter exploration can present dangers that far exceed those of hiking in the summertime. Always check avalanche conditions, choose your destinations wisely, let someone know where you are going, pack properly for winter and know how to navigate.

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Avoid Avalanches: How to Know and Where to Go

Temperature, snow conditions and hazards can fluctuate dramatically in our never-boring northwest climate. Get some tips for checking mountain conditions and picking a fun, safe hike, every single time.

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Snowshoeing 101

Take to the snow this year by donning snowshoes. Here you'll find out how to plan your trip, what to wear, how to be safe and even how to bring your dog along.

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18 Gardens to Wander in this Winter

Arboretums and local gardens make great wintertime destinations. They're close to town and have relatively flat trail systems, so they're great for a casual stroll or practicing your macro photography.

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13 Winter Backpacking Destinations

Winter may seem like a time to hang up your backpack and retire your tent for the season but there are still plenty of opportunities to spent a night outside even when the temperatures are low.

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11 Winter Hikes for Beach Views, Rolling Hills and Lush Forests

Check out one of these eleven great winter hiking trails to help stay in hiking shape and beat the winter blahs.

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Winter Waterfall Hikes

From half-frozen crystalline plunge-pools to gossamer cascades, waterfalls hold a special allure in winter.

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Winter Wildlife Hikes

Winter can be a great season for spotting wild animals. Here are a few trails you might catch wonderful wildlife in action this season, along with some wildlife-watching tips.

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Hiking in Circles: 10 Winter Lowland Loops

Washington's grand loops may be buried under feet of snow this time year, but there are dozens of of lovely lowland loops, nature trails and routes through parks to explore all year long.

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Delightful with a Dusting: 9 Trails Worth a Winter Hike

There's nothing quite as magical as experiencing your favorite summer hikes when they're covered in a dusting of snow. Winter hiking is a great chance to see some of your beloved trails in a whole new light.

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Easygoing Hikes to Watch for Spring

We've come out the other end of the season's dark tunnel into the brighter light of not-quite-spring. It's a curious time of year when the high country is still locked deep under snow. But, there are parts of Washington already waking up to the new season. And if tromping through snow drifts isn't your jam, then these lower elevation trails are perfect for hiking in late winter.

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Winter Rambles: 14 Hikes Along Washington's Rivers

Get to know some of Washington's most scenic waterways by following these hikes alongside rivers. You'll discover a world of gurgling cascades, frosty fungi, winter wildlife and much-needed fresh air.

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