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Rock Wall of Fame

Hats off to those volunteers who make it into the trail maintenance volunteer hall of fame! These folks have worked hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of days helping to make Washington's trail better for everyone to enjoy.

Just as trail builders admire the sturdy craftsmanship of a rock wall, WTA's Rock Wall of Fame celebrates those volunteers who have created a rock-solid future for trails in Washington! Want to see your name on this wall? Sign up for a work party now.

WTA has a full suite of milestone rewards. Learn about WTA's award system.

Above and Beyond Awards

These volunteers are nominated by crew leaders to express gratitude for the year's most outstanding individual volunteers. These folks go the extra mile; they step up when we need them most and help out behind the scenes. (This award was formerly known as the Carhartt award)

With hundreds of work parties under her boots, Micki Kedzierski continues to share her knowledge of trail structures on youth and adult work parties alike. Photo by Emma Cassidy. 

Above and Beyond Award Recipients

* deceased

Full Bench Club (250+ Work Parties)

Full bench construction is an approach to trail building that makes for long-lasting trail tread. Likewise, these dedicated volunteers provide a solid foundation for our trail maintenance efforts, year after year.

John Clark dedicates many of his days to sharing the trail with new and seasoned volunteers alike. Photo by Hannah Tennent. 

Full Bench Club Members

* deceased

Crosscut Saw Club (500+ Work Parties)

You know the value of team work, and you keep coming back for more.

Jim working at Navaho Pass
Jim Langdon (front) dedicates many of his days each year on trail with WTA. Photo by Owen Vogeli.

Crosscut Saw Club Members

* deceased

Golden Rock Bar Club (1,000+ Work Parties)

You are a legend! A superhero for trails. We'd get you a cape, but it might get in the way of your expert trail tool handling.

Pete Dewell has accumulated over 2000 days on trail with WTA. Photo by Britt Le.

Golden Rock Bar Club Members

Dick Axon               Pete Dewell                Jim Springberg