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2011 Wall of Fame

Some WTA volunteers are out fixing trails several days of every week. Some have been coming out year after year for over a decade. So we want to recognize all of our faithful (and now famous) volunteers and to thank them for their dedication to WTA.
Tim Van Beek congratulates Pete Dewell for becoming the first member of WTA's Golden Rock Bar Club.

Whether volunteers have come out for one or 1,000 days of trail maintenance, WTA appreciates their dedication to WTA.

After only five work parties, volunteers receive their very own green hard hat. But what of other, loftier milestones?

In 2011, 37 volunteers earned their trail crew vests - an award for having come out on 25 work parties with WTA. Another 23 volunteers reached the 50-work-party milestone this year and received their very own trail crew saw. Six volunteers who have climbed up the trail work ladder to the 250-day rung are now distinguished as Full Bench Club members, and those two who have worked 500 days on trail have become part of the Cross-Cut Saw Club.

But 2011 was an exceptional year, because this year WTA had to establish a new club - the Golden Rockbar Club - for the only volunteer who has ever made it to 1,000 days on trail: Pete Dewell.

WTA also wants to recognize those people who received Carhartt Awards, nominated by district crew leaders, for their outstanding work on trails this year. Below is the list of distinguished volunteers in this year's hall of fame.

Chad Creamer, with wife Marcie, displays his Crosscut Saw, awarded to volunteers who have participated in more than 500 work parties. Photo by Lauren Braden.

2011 Carhartt Awards


Golden Rockbar Club (1,000+ work parties)

Pete Dewell


Cross-Cut Saw Club (500+ work parties)

Rose Alfred
Chad Creamer


Full Bench Club (250+ work parties)


Trail Crew Saw (50+ work parties)


Trail Crew Vest (25+ work parties)