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Youth Vacation Scholarships

Information about WTA's Youth Volunteer Vacation scholarship application process.

Youth Volunteer Vacations are for youth ages 14-18 who want to spend a week camping, hiking and volunteering to do trail work. 

Volunteers learn all about the world of building and maintaining hiking trails, experience new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people. Youth Vacations provide opportunities for youth to connect to the natural world, give back to the hiking community and earn community service hours.

A teenager wearing a ballcap and red backpack walks away from the camera, with another teenager ahead of them on the trail. The trail stretches across the top of a ridge with several layers of mountain peaks ahead in the distance.
Photo by Venice Wong.

We believe no teen should have to stay home this summer because they can't afford to get outside. WTA offers financial assistance to get more teens outdoors. Thanks to donations from members and supporters we are able to offer a limited number of scholarships for our Youth Volunteer Vacation program.

Scholarship Application Process

WTA wants to ensure that all volunteers have a positive experience while camping and working in the outdoors. We'd prefer, but do not require, youth volunteers to go on a day trip with WTA before committing for an entire week. While most youth love their experience, trail work isn't always fun for everyone.

Before applying for a scholarship, please make sure you fit into the following criteria of what we look for in a scholarship applicant:

  • You are able to commit to stay for the entire week. (All of our trips in 2022 will run Saturday-Saturday)
  • A great attitude and desire to work with Washington Trails Association and be a part of a team
  • Ready to hike to and from the work site, and ability to work at a moderate pace throughout the day
  • Ability and desire to adhere to the following basic rules: Be Safe, Have Fun and Get Some Work Done
  • Must be age 14-18
  • Demonstrated financial need (a $25 placement fee is required to hold your scholarship)
  • Willingness to make transportation arrangements to the project site. WTA does not provide transportation to trip locations, but does encourage carpooling and will try to assist in this process.

 Please submit your scholarship application when you apply to join a Youth Vacation. Apply by April 17, 2022 for priority placement. When you are placed on a Youth Vacation you will receive an email prompting you to pay a mandatory $25 placement fee within two weeks. Please submit this placement fee to secure your space on your trip and to retain your scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and outdoor interest. Some gear is also available to borrow. You can fill out a Scholarship Application electronically, or you can print out a paper form and mail it to the WTA Office.

Scholarship Application--electronic form (a parent or guardian must help complete this form)

Scholarship Application--printable pdf

Submit completed paper applications to:

c/o rza allen
705 2nd Ave., Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98104

Questions? Contact rza allen by phone at 206.678.2025 or email