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Northwest Exposure 2009 Winners

Check out the winners of WTA's 2009 photo contest and learn about the hikes these great pictures where taken on.

WTA's Photo Contest Showcase

It should come as no surprise that Washington is filled with beautiful places, many of which were captured in the more than 750 photos submitted to WTA's 2009 Northwest Exposure photo contest.

Thank you to everyone who entered and who shared with us your love of photography and Washington's wild places. The task of selecting winners is always a difficult one, but the result is that we get to share some amazing photos (and hiking locations) with all of you. Moreover, we are provided with more examples of the many extraordinary wild places and trails in Washington that we work to protect.

How can you do that? Write an e-mail to your elected officials. Volunteer for a WTA trail work party. Give a donation to WTA. These iconic Northwest landscapes deserve your support and attention.

To view a higher-resolution image, click on the thumbnails below. Or you can view the winning photos as a slideshow on Flickr. Details about the contest and sponsors can be found here.

Grand Prize - Lupine covered in morning dew

Grand Prize 2009 - Lupine

This fascinating photo taken at Green Mountain is a good reminder to appreciate the smallest details of your time in the outdoors, not just the grand views.


Photo by Misao Okada


1st Place Wilderness Landscapes

1st Place Wilderness Landscape - Park Butte

A new take on classic beauty. Every time you hike a trail the landscape will be different. This a photo of Park Butte captures a unique perspective on this great hike.

Photo by Deborah Richardson


2nd Place Wilderness Landscapes

2nd Place Wilderness Landscape - Sahale ArmThe Sahale Arm always provides hikers with amazing views and breathtaking scenery.

Photo by John D'Onofrio


1st Place Flora and Fauna

1st place flora and fauna - Green Heron

This remarkable scene of a Green Heron catching a snack was taken at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland. When looking for great hikes close to home don't forget to explore your local parks.

Photo by Michael Myers


2nd Place Flora and Fauna

2nd Place Flora and Fauna- Pasque Flower

The Western Pasque Flower is one Washington's many wildflowers. This photo was taken at Mt. Rainier, which offers numerous wildflower-packed trails, including the Skyline Loop

Photo by Jason Hummel


1st Place Hikers in Action

1st Place Hikers in Action - Hiker on Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge is a quick and easy escape for folks in the Seattle region. This trail can be done almost year round and offers great views.

Photo by Robb Mitchell


2nd Place Hikers in Action

2nd Place Hikers in Action - Spary Park Hiker's Reward. Often described as one of the best hikes at Mt. Rainier Spray Park offers bountiful wildflowers, views, wildlife and even a waterfall (don't leave out this short side trail to Spray Falls).

Photo by Andres Caldera


1st Place Young Photographers

1st Place Youth Photographers - bird

Nesting bird at Mukilteo Beach. Wildlife sanctuaries provide a great way to see many different types of birds. One great example close to Mukilteo is Spencer Island in Everett.

 Photo by Catherine Straume


2nd Place Young Photographers

2nd Place Youth Photographers - Mountain GoatThe Enchantments is one of the most picturesque places in Washington. In addition to the phenomenal views, hikers often enjoy up close experiences with photogenic mountain goats.

Photo by Justin Collins


1st Place Offbeat

1st Place Offbeat - wood snake

You never know what you are going to stumble upon out on trail. Perhaps the elusive Norwegain Snake? This one was seen near Rialto Beach.

  Photo by Ken Donleycott


2nd Place Offbeat

2nd Place Offbeat - snakeRattlesnake Mountain was actually named for the noise the seedpods make in the wind. You won't find any rattlers there, but you might see a playful garter snake.

Photo by Michael Myers


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention - Young Hiker


This young hiker is exploring Bumping Lake in the William O Douglas Wilderness. You can find more great hike suggestions on where to take young trail enthusiasts here.

Photo by Jeff Goulden


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