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2008 Northwest Exposure Contest Winners

WTA's annual photo contest showcases wild country

WA Trail 01-09 cover

More than 800 photos were submitted to WTA’s 2008 photo contest. Guess a few people like hiking and taking pictures in Washington’s wild country!

This stunning assortment of winning photos demonstrates that our state’s trails take us to some of the most magical places in the world. More than ever we need to preserve and protect access to those places.

How can you do that? Write an e-mail to your elected officials. Volunteer for a WTA trail work party. Give a donation to WTA. These iconic Northwest landscapes deserve your support and attention.

To view a higher-resolution image, click on the thumbnails below.

To find out how to hike to the locations pictured, click on the link "hike there."

Want to improve your chances of winning this year? Read these tips on how to take better outdoor photographs.

Prizes provided by LowePro. Frames and matting donated by Dennis Daniels Frames and Gallery Frames. Prints donated by Imagekind. Special thanks to National Parks Conservation Association for hosting.

Grand Prize 09

Black-tailed deer fawns at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Grand Prize
Mary Campbell
hike there




Sunrise in the Enchantments,
Alpine Lakes Wilderness

First Prize, Wilderness Landscapes
Jonathan Brenner
hike there

Landscape Second Prize 09

Light penatrating the gloom, Tank Lake,
Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Second Prize, Wilderness Landscapes
Kevin Steffa
hike there


Landscape Third 09Palette of colors, Rachel Lake,
Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Third Prize, Wilderness Landscapes
Brett Walton
hike there


Flora First 09A crab’s habitat, Sand Point, Olympic National Park

First Prize, Flora & Fauna
David Hogan
hike there


Flora Second 09Eagle taking off from Puget Sound

Second Prize, Flora & Fauna
Karacan Salkuci
hike there


Flora Third 09Brilliant aster, Lily Basin

Third Prize, Flora & Fauna
Carol Fromhart
hike there



Hikers First 09Breaking the surface of Lake Ingalls

First Prize, Hikers in Action
Ken Smith
hike there


Hikers Second 09Sunset on Yellow Aster Butte Trail

Second Prize, Hikers in Action
Tyler Mitchell
hike there


Hikers Third 09High tide, Olympic National Park

Third Prize, Hikers in Action
Kevin McNeal
hike there



Offbeat First 09Buoy bowling at Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

First Prize, Offbeat Outdoors
Chris Feet
hike there


Offbeat Second 09“You’re in a heap of trouble son... do you know how fast you were hiking?” 

Second Prize, Offbeat Outdoors
Philip Fenner
hike there


Offbeat Third 09Initiation to the group, Little Si Trail

Third Prize, Offbeat Outdoors
Anne Morrison
hike there



Youth First 09

Dragontail Peak reflected from Aasgard Pass

First Prize, Youth
Eli Mauksch
hike there


Youth Second 09

Summer in the Enchantments, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Second Prize, Youth
Leah Werkhoven
hike there


Youth Third 09Fawn on the beach, Cape Alava, Olympic National Park

Third Prize, Youth
Evan Ponto
hike there


Honorable Mention Ashlock 09

Mount Stuart under snow, Alpine Lakes Wilderness 

Honorable Mention
Susan Ashlock
hike there




Honrable Mention McNeal 09

Lupines at Sunrise, Mount Rainier National Park

Honorable Mention
Kevin McNeal
hike there



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