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Ambassador FAQ

What does an ambassador do? Ambassadors are outreach volunteers, serving as the face of WTA in their communities across the state.

What does an ambassador do?
Ambassadors are outreach volunteers, serving as the face of WTA in their communities across the state. Outreach activities may include, but are not limited to: staffing a booth or other event support, delivering presentations, contributing to written materials and participating in workshops. 

What is required to become an ambassador?
No previous experience is necessary. The application process is simple. Just fill out an interest form online, and you will hear back and have a conversation with the Statewide Engagement and Events Coordinator. The conversation is meant to ensure that this role is a good fit for you, and that we can help shape the experience into one that will be rewarding for you, utilize your skills, and be aligned with your interests. You will then participate in training, and be all set. 

Can youth volunteer as ambassadors?
Our Youth Ambassador program is currently on hiatus. Stay tuned! 

Who will I work with?
Often you’ll work directly with other ambassadors. You’ll also have the support of WTA staff including but not limited to the Statewide Engagement and Events Coordinator and regional staff in the area you live. 

What is the time commitment?
This is a flexible role that does not require a specific time commitment per week/month. As an ambassador you will learn of opportunities and have the option to choose what works for you. There are a few expectations, including:

  • Signing up and participating in at least 2-4 outreach events per year
  • Writing at least 1 trip report per quarter (4/yr)
  • Staying informed about WTA’s work
  • Attending events in your region when possible 

What will training look like?
Initial training includes a combination of live in-person or virtual, and videos which can be viewed on your own time. Further training on specific topics will be offered throughout the year, and refresher training for particular events will also help to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Previous training and experience as a WTA volunteer will also be taken into consideration. 

What about supplies?
Everything will be provided for you by WTA! Prior to an event, we will work with you on the what, how, when, and where of supplies, and make it as easy as possible to get what you need. 

Do I have to build trails or hold other volunteer positions too? 
No! Many ambassadors do volunteer for the organization in other capacities as well, but it is not a requirement.

Still have questions? Please contact to find out more.