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Thank a Ranger!

They make hiking and recreating experiences better for everyone, all while being go-to trail advocates. Thank a ranger today!
Our rangers are often our best on-trail advocates. Photo with Ranger Blake by Corinne Lauerman-Little.

We see them on trail, stationed at visitor centers, giving presentations and driving forest roads. Park rangers are a vital part of our outdoor experience, responsible for protecting our state and national public lands. They safeguard the natural resources, ecosystems, and wildlife within them, as well as all of the people who visit them.

Did you know that rangers can also be key trail advocates? Their on-the-ground experience allows rangers to identify areas that need maintenance and increased accessibility. Their intimate knowledge of trails helps secure the funding needed to address trail concerns. All the while, rangers promote and model smart hiking practices and Leave No Trace ethics.  

Today, make a pledge to thank these dedicated and important public servants. Often working behind-the-scenes, they make our hiking and recreating experiences better for all.