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Victory! Thank Rep. Strom Peterson for championing Public Lands Day

Celebrate our newest state holiday, Public Lands Day, by letting the bill's sponsor, Rep. Strom Peterson, know how much his support of our public lands and trails means to you. Take a minute to email him and say thank you.

We did it! Now, let's say thanks. Photo by Photo by Steve Roguski on the Chain Lakes Trail.

Mark your calendars for Sept. 28, 2019, and get ready to celebrate the first state Public Lands Day!

Just a few hours ago, Gov. Jay Inslee signed HB1449, making Public Lands Day — the fourth Saturday in September — an official Washington holiday. WTA championed this bill every step of the way in Olympia, and with the support of hikers like you, we did it.

Public Lands Day unanimously passed through the both chambers of the state's legislature, but it wouldn't have happened without the support of the bill's sponsor, Rep. Strom Peterson.

Now’s the time to tell him how much his support of public lands and trails here in Washington means to you. Letting him know that you are paying attention and thankful for his support can encourage him —and other lawmakers — to pass even more positive public lands legislation in the future.

Why is Public Lands Day so exciting? Besides celebrating places we love, this legislation:

  • Recognizes the positive impacts that our public lands have on people's physical and mental well-being
  • Celebrates how important public lands are to our state's and local economies
  • Provides an opportunity for organizations to mobilize hikers to become great stewards of our trails and lands
  • Encourages folks who may not usually engage in outdoor recreation to explore our public lands

Thank you for making this possible. Our lawmakers heard loud and clear that hikers like you in Washington really do value our public lands.